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12 August 2016

FreeIPA TripleO integration notes

by Juan Antonio Osorio Robles

Before going forward

It’s important to note that this was the state of things in 2016, when I was developing this feature. This are no longer valid instructions, but serve and nice-to-know notes. If you want to use TLS everywhere with TripleO, it’s been available since the Pike release, and the instructions are here.

Actual article…

So I’m trying to get the overcloud nodes from TripleO to enroll to FreeIPA. And before having nice middleware that will do this through config-drive or something of the sort. I decided to setup a simple heat template that will do this. So I have a temporary repository where I’m doing the work.

Basically what’s going on there is that I made a stack that will be used on the [node type]ExtraConfigPre hook in tripleo. This stack will in turn run a script that gets an OTP, the domain managed by FreeIPA and the address or hostname of the FreeIPA server. With this, we first install the ipa-client package, do the enrollment, and finally get the kerberos ticket. Also, since we need to be aware of the domain when running the ipa-client installation, we check if the domain was set already, and if it isn’t we set it up. By default we do this only for controllers, but the script can also add a hook for the computes if a flag is set.

To use it we need to run a little script first which will generate a heat environment file that we can then use to add that stack to the hook. So, on the base directory of the repo, we can run:

./create_freeipa_enroll_envfile.py -h

Which will give all the available options. What matters to us is the OTP, the FreeIPA server (or just server), and the domain. You might need to include the DnsServer (or several, depending on your setup).

Be aware that if you’re using tripleo-quickstart, network-environment.yaml will already contain a nameserver corresponding to the host’s IP address. You might want to change that if FreeIPA is in another address and you want to specify it. The parameter in tripleo-heat-templates is called DnsServers. In my case, I’m using the standard ha setup that quickstart provides, so I don’t need to set DNS servers in my environment, the defaults work fine.

What do I want this stuff for?

So basically what I want to do is to have every overcloud controller node enrolled as a FreeIPA host, but also I want to have certificates for the HAProxy public VIP.

In order to get these, we need to first create the hosts and services in FreeIPA. As a bonus I’ll also create the undercloud node, since, as I mentioned in a past blog post, we can now get the HAProxy public IP for the undercloud via FreeIPA.

Note that I’m deploying a very basic HA setup, which consists of 3 controllers and 1 compute. So you’ll notice that I create controllers from 0 to 2, and just a novacompute number 0. You need to adjust these values according to your deployment.

FreeIPA setup

I define the following environment variables for convenience:

export SECRET=MySecret
export DOMAIN=walrusdomain
export IPA_SERVER="ipa.$DOMAIN"

And here’s the setup I’ve been doing:

# Add undercloud host
ipa host-add undercloud.$DOMAIN --password=$SECRET --force

# Add overcloud Public VIP host
ipa host-add overcloud.$DOMAIN --force

# Add overcloud hosts
for i in {0..2}; do ipa host-add overcloud-controller-$i.$DOMAIN --password=$SECRET --force; done

# Make overcloud VIP host be managed by overcloud nodes
ipa host-add-managedby overcloud.$DOMAIN --hosts=overcloud-controller-{0..2}.$DOMAIN

# Add HAProxy service for the undercloud
ipa service-add haproxy/undercloud.$DOMAIN --force

# Add HAProxy service for the overcloud Public VIP
ipa service-add haproxy/overcloud.$DOMAIN --force

# Get overcloud nodes to manage haproxy service for the overcloud VIP host
ipa service-add-host haproxy/overcloud.$DOMAIN --hosts=overcloud-controller-{0..2}.$DOMAIN

Note that the compute nodes might need to be enrolled too, depending on your usecase. In our use-case, the compute nodes need to trust FreeIPA as a CA. So we might as well enroll them too:

ipa host-add overcloud-novacompute-0.$DOMAIN --password=$SECRET --force

Individual overcloud node setup

With all the above set up, I ran these commands on the overcloud nodes… but this is pretty much what the heat stack already does:

Install freeipa client on each node

sudo yum install -y ipa-client

Enroll each controller

sudo ipa-client-install --server $IPA_SERVER \
    --password=$SECRET --domain=$DOMAIN --unattended

Get ticket

sudo kinit -k -t /etc/krb5.keytab

And to test that we can do what we want, here we try to get haproxy overcloud cert:

getcert request -I overcloud-public-cert -c IPA -N overcloud.$DOMAIN \
    -K haproxy/overcloud.$DOMAIN -k /etc/pki/tls/private/overcloud-key.pem \
    -f /etc/pki/tls/certs/overcloud-cert.pem

SUCCESS! We can do this for every overcloud node.

With the stack we can already do the enrollment on the overcloud nodes, what I need now is to get the certificate request to happen in the service profiles.

Environment/Stack usage

So, in a tripleo-quickstart deployment lets clone the freeipa-tripleo-incubator repo, and run the script:

# Clone the repo
git clone https://github.com/JAORMX/freeipa-tripleo-incubator.git
# Move to that directory
cd freeipa-tripleo-incubator
# Run script to generate environment file
./create_freeipa_enroll_envfile.py -w $SECRET -d $DOMAIN -s $IPA_SERVER \

This will generate a yaml file which we can use as an environment file for Heat. This file is called freeipa-enroll.yaml by default. Lets use that in the overcloud deploy. Note that since I’m using quickstart, I use the script that’s provided by default, which is overcloud-deploy.sh.

# Move back to home directory
# issue overcloud deploy with the environment we want
./overcloud-deploy.sh -e freeipa-tripleo-incubator/freeipa-enroll.yaml

This will then do a standard deploy, but if we set up everything correctly, our nodes will now have a keytab and will be able to request certificates via certmonger with FreeIPA as a CA.

tags: tripleo - freeipa

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