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21 July 2016

Test changes to TripleO's undercloud

by Juan Antonio Osorio Robles

In a previous post I covered how to make changes in puppet-tripleo and test them in the undercloud. However, I now realized that making changes to the undercloud itself is not as straight forward.

Thankfully, the script that I’ve been mentioning so much in my previous post is a great help for this. Note that this assumes that you have cloned the tripleo-ci repository in the home directory.

First off, if we need to set the delorean environment in order to build packages:

./tripleo-ci/scripts/tripleo.sh --delorean-setup

This will leave us with a directory called tripleo in the home directory.

Then, we need to run the following:

./tripleo-ci/scripts/tripleo.sh --delorean-build [some package]

So, if we want to make a change to the instack-undercloud code-base. We need to do the following:

./tripleo-ci/scripts/tripleo.sh --delorean-build openstack/instack-undercloud

We will now have a directory called instack-undercloud inside the tripleo directory. Here we can make the changes that we need, or pull the changes that we have already uploaded to gerrit.

Once we have the changes we need in that directory, it’s a matter of running –delorean-build again to build the package we need.

I usually just search for the package:

find tripleo/ -name "*rpm"

And finally just overwrite the previous package I had installed:

rpm -i --force /path/to/the/package.rpm

Now, to run the undercloud installation again with the latest puppet manifests, we do the following:

./tripleo-ci/scripts/tripleo.sh --undercloud


Depending on the type of change you’re doing, you might need to change the undercloud’s deployment configuration. You can do this by changing the undercloud.conf file in the home directory (at least as deployed by tripleo-quickstart). So make sure that you make those changes to that file before running the –undercloud command from tripleo.sh.

tags: tripleo - openstack

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