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13 March 2017

Deploying a containerized overcloud

by Juan Antonio Osorio Robles

Deploying a containerized overcloud is a matter of adding the environments/docker.yaml environment to the overcloud deployment.

Now, for developing, one is likely to want to use local images instead of the ones from dockerhub. So we’ll set heat parameters in an environment file. This, fortunately, is already done for us by quickstart. So we’ll see the file containers-default-parameters.yaml with something like the following:

  DockerNamespaceIsRegistry: true

Of course, the IP address depends on your undercloud deployment.

Now, this requires one to upload the images to the local registry. So, if we created our deployment using a recent version of tripleo-quickstart, there is already a utility script that we can use for this purpose: upload_images_to_local_registry.py

Note that to run the aforementioned script, one needs to either do it with root privileges (via sudo) or add a docker group and subsequently a user to it; for instance, the stack user. So choose depending on your security requirements.


Do your regular openstack deploy but add the following environments:


Currently (now that I’m writing this post) HA deployments are not available. So don’t try to use the pacemaker environment cause that will fail.

tags: tripleo - openstack

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