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11 April 2017

Using FreeIPA as an LDAP domain backend for keystone in TripleO

by Juan Antonio Osorio Robles

Configuring FreeIPA to be the backend of a keystone domain is pretty simple nowadays with recent additions to TripleO.

I took the configuration and several aspects of the setup (such as the users) from RDO VM Factory and used to to create the following environment file which we’ll use for TripleO:

  KeystoneLDAPDomainEnable: true
      url: ldaps://ipa.example.com
      user: uid=keystone,cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
      password: MySecretPassword
      suffix: dc=example,dc=com
      user_tree_dn: cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
      user_objectclass: person
      user_id_attribute: uid
      user_name_attribute: uid
      user_mail_attribute: mail
      user_allow_create: false
      user_allow_update: false
      user_allow_delete: false
      group_tree_dn: cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=example,dc=com
      group_objectclass: groupOfNames
      group_id_attribute: cn
      group_name_attribute: cn
      group_member_attribute: member
      group_desc_attribute: description
      group_allow_create: false
      group_allow_update: false
      group_allow_delete: false
      user_enabled_attribute: nsAccountLock
      user_enabled_default: False
      user_enabled_invert: true
      tls_cacertfile: /etc/ipa/ca.crt

We’ll call this freeipa-ldap-config.yaml.

Note that I set a user with uid called keystone. We’ll need to create this on the FreeIPA side. For convenience, we’ll also create a demo user. So, with your FreeIPA admin credentials loaded, do the following:

create_ipa_user() {
    echo "$2" | ipa user-add $1 --cn="$1 user" --first="$1" --last="user" --password
# Add a keystone user that Keystone will bind as
create_ipa_user keystone MySecretPassword

# Add a demo user
create_ipa_user demo MySecretPassword

Now, having this, we can do an overcloud install adding the configuration to the environments:

./overcloud-deploy.sh -e freeipa-ldap-config.yaml

When the deployment finishes, for convenience, we’ll assign the admin role for our admin user. We already have credentials for this user in the generated overcloudrc file from the deployment. So we’ll source that file, and add the role:

source overcloudrc.v3
openstack role add --domain $(openstack domain show freeipadomain -f value -c id)\
        --user $(openstack user show admin --domain default -f value -c id) \
        $(openstack role show admin -c id -f value)

Note that keystone v3 is needed for this, so we sourced overcloudrc.v3.

Now that we have a role in the FreeIPA-backed domain, we can list its users:

$ openstack user list --domain freeipadomain
| ID                                                               | Name     |
| 1bf11b164f896bbbaa94c7ca7de6d54fcd49f46e3e0fa452c7334bcd0586aeba | admin    |
| 61673b89cc0f0d50de0e649587c8ef2ecd28e3a029fde529a1db77ed0cf7c1d9 | keystone |
| b16f3fe6a5ffbca9e4fd45131f935dc516a21b597fc894dff4a1290d4ce8c6db | demo     |

tags: tripleo - freeipa - openstack

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